COVID-19 Advice

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

 During this stressful time, everyone in this world is dealing with it differently. Some advice I have for dealing with this is keeping yourself busy. Sure, going out to stores or places with your friend is very fun, but in a time like this, we can’t really risk putting others in danger. Playing board games with family members in your household or playing games online with friends can be just as much fun than seeing them in person.


     Another thing I would suggest is listening to music, which is something I do a lot. It helps keep my mind at ease and makes me feel like I’m in my own little world and nothing else matters, which really helps and what I think can help others.


   Something I wish I would’ve known in the beginning is that it’s going to be longer and more dangerous than it seems. I anticipated that this would maybe last 2 weeks or so, and it would all blow over, but when it continued to last longer, I just knew we wouldn’t be going back to school. Of course I hoped that we would and that I was wrong. 


   I would also say that I think some people could possibly talk to their familiess and reach out to people who they don’t talk to as often because they always claim they are busy with school and hanging out with friends and such. So I feel like it could bring a lot of families closer together if they talked during this time and they became closer.

   I’m still adapting to this change and how much things have gotten crazy, but I will continue to keep my head up and hope for the best and hope everyone and their families stay safe.