The Pandemic Affects School Events

Jusele Irambona, Editor

When we left school for spring break, no one knew that would be the last time we’d be in school for the year. We thought we’d take our two week break and then resume school and finish off the fourth quarter. Fourth quarter isn’t only the last quarter, but it has some events that a lot of the students were looking forward to and will now have to miss. All sporting events have been cancelled, so that means people involved in a spring sport won’t have their season. Thankfully cheerleading takes place in the fall and winter, so I won’t be missing my own season but that isn’t the case for everyone.

One of the biggest events we have during the fourth quarter is prom. A lot of people really look forward to it and spend a lot of time and money getting ready for it. As of right now, prom has been postponed and we’re unsure if it’s even going to happen. This affects a lot of people, especially seniors because this is their final prom and they might not get that experience anymore.

Some other things that have been postponed that affects juniors are the SAT’s and AP exams. Honestly, I personally don’t view this as a total negative because I was not prepared for either of these, so now I’ll have more time to be prepared especially for the SATs. As for the AP exams, we had a choice to opt out of taking it, which is what I did.

Everyone’s been affected by this pandemic, but hopefully, it’ll be over sooner than later so we can still have something especially for the seniors.