Happy Mother’s Day

JaRaya Carr, Editor

Mother’s Day is the one way to make your mom feel special in every way. We thank all the mothers in the world for making us, and they need to be appreciated with gifts and love because they do so much for us. This year, I wanted my mom to have the best mother’s day ever, all the others mother’s day I didn’t do much, so I wanted to take it up a little and go extra.

This Mother’s Day, I drive so I can actually get my mom something without having to ask her for a ride. My mom does a lot for me, from sports to after school activities. My mom always spends her money on me. When she needs something like new work shoes or a scrub top, she will not get for herself because she thinks about what I need first. It makes me feel bad that my mom can’t have stuff she needs because I have sports and other needs and wants. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to pay her back at least a little bit. 

The day after mothers day, I went the day after because all the stores were closed when I got the money for my mothers gift. I told my mom, I was getting money from the school from a field trip, which I actually was, but after I went to Wal-mart and got the gift she always wanted. My mom wanted an Instant Pot for her gift, so I got her one. Later, I went to the dollar store and got her favorite snacks, Hot Cheetos, and her favorite drink, Pepsi. I put everything in a gift bag that was her favorite color, royal blue. I got her a fun card with more than $60 inside of it. I wanted her to have money to spend for herself. I wrote her letter telling her how much she means to me and thanking her for raising well.

I am very thankful to have a good, awesome, cool, funny, and supportive mom. I hope one day I can return everything she has done for me back to her. I am going to keep working hard and become a nurse and make my mom more proud of me and be happy to call me her daughter. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!