Morgan Freeman, Writer

During this lockdown, I realized how many people truly care for me with everything going on that’s ruining my Senior year. With everything getting cancelled at first, I didn’t think I’d care as much, but it has hit me that I’ll never get to experience some things like the previous classes.

My mom has been the one that has calmed me down the most. She cares just as much as I did, because she’s already gone through a prom, graduation, etc with one kid, and she was really looking forward to doing it with me. She has been calming me down and trying to make things better ever since we found out we wouldn’t be going back to school. She joined the Facebook page “Adopt a Rock” so others can also help as much as they can. I have been adopted by 3 other people and they have calmed me down and helped me through this journey a lot with treats and many other things. It makes me happy, knowing they care for us Seniors with what we’re going through.

I have helped calm down my friends as much as I can, but the one I’ve helped the most is my best friend Jamyah Winter. She isn’t able to really leave the house, so when I go to Awake or Atomic, I surprise her when I can. I have been able to hang out with her once, I parked in a parking lot across the street from her house and we sat outside 6 ft apart talking to each other and just catching up. It made me realize how much I miss all my friends, and how I hope this craziness is done soon.