Social Distancing and Me

Hannah Dale, Writer

Social distancing means many things to me. It means no school, not seeing everyone I usually do, and not enjoying my usual window shopping!

     Social distancing is the main way everyone is being protected from COVID-19. Yes, it may be difficult for many people, especially those with disabilities and mental disorders, but it’s helping them even more. Social distancing has become a way of life, as weird as it sounds. 

     Interactions used to be a constant thing for me to undergo. Whether it be saying good morning to my sister, boyfriend and friends, to talking and joking around with my favorite teachers. Now, the only people I talk to are the occasional store clerk and a customer, if they get angry I accidentally didn’t see the arrows facing the other way I should’ve been walking. 

     In short, social distancing is a bitter sweet way of life I live now. The time I spend with people is precious and I never take it for granted, and I appreciate everyone who I’m surrounded by.