Necessities necessities

Emily Bush, Editor

What are your go to items for quarantine? Well, let me tell you mine! I’d say that the thing I reach most for is, let’s face it, my phone. I reach for books, coloring books, board games, and hair items (like curling iron, and straightener).


So, the thing I reach for most, like I said, was my phone. I believe that this is because it is the only way I can talk to my friends and loved ones. I’m constantly FaceTiming, texting, calling, and Snapchatting my friends. Just checking up on them to see how they’re dealing with this whole situation. Another thing that I cannot resist when I’m on my phone is Pinterest! I get distracted on there for hours and hours. There’s just so many possibilities on Pinterest. I’d say that it is my all time favorite app. I highly recommend it! 


Another thing that is an absolute necessity is books and coloring books! The adult coloring books are my favorite! I’ve been really getting into poem books. I’ve always really liked poetry, I just seemed to have forgotten how much I loved it until now! And for coloring, I don’t feel as though there is even an explanation needed, it’s so relaxing and I can’t think of one person who doesn’t enjoy doing it once in a while. 


Another thing I’ve been doing a lot of is my hair. I haven’t dyed it or anything like that. I mean I’ve thought about it, but I stopped myself, thank goodness. But lately, I’ve been really into curling and straightening it. I know that  it’s not very good for my hair, but I’ve been so bored, so I have to do something! And I’ve become quite good at it, if I do say so myself. 


Honestly, I’ve been genuinely curious as to what others go to items in quarantine are. And I need new ideas! So please help a girl out! I hope that all of my classmates have found a way to occupy themselves in this difficult time. I know that I’ve been super bored.