MacKenzie Noppe, Writer

Senior year was suppose to be the best year out of all the years of school we, as students, have gone through. This was our year to go to prom and go to gradation as a senior and walk across the stage. We were supposed to hear our names be called and grab that diploma and say, “We made it!” Unfortunately, that won’t happen, nor is it expected to happen. 

I started my senior year ready to do the best I could and get good grades. I pushed myself to do everything I could to make sure I got the grades I wanted. In my first semester as a senior, I succeeded. I received all A’s on my report card and it boosted my GPA. I was so excited to start second semester because I wanted to feel that accomplishment again. I wanted to do it for my family as well, because they were so proud of me, and I wanted them to continue being proud of me. When I left school for spring break, I had no idea that I wouldn’t be returning for the last quarter of my senior year. The last semester is the best because that’s when all the special events take place. Now that school is closed, we can’t participate in school activities, and we can’t celebrate them outside of school either. 

Events like senior skip day can’t be celebrated. Events like prom can’t take place because that’s more than a “50 people gathering”. Events like graduation are being postponed, but what does that even mean? Does that mean we will have a graduation ceremony, but it won’t happen till July? This pandemic sucks because no one knows what’s truly going on with important events such as graduation. As a senior, I was completely looking forward to all the senior privileges, and now they are being stripped from me, and all the other seniors too. Not only this, but these events aren’t special unless friends and family are there. I don’t want to walk across a stage for my diploma if my family can’t be there to watch me. I don’t want to go to prom and have to worry about social distancing myself from others. 

All in all, I want to stay safe from the virus and I will do my best to stay healthy, but missing the most important events of senior year completely sucks. I wish more than anything I was in school today, seeing all my friends, talking to friends about what they’re going to wear for prom, or talking about plans for senior skip day, etc. I hope this virus is over with soon, I’m ready for things to go back to normal.