Changing Times

Changing Times

Kaylea Roessler, Writer

The rapidly-developing coronavirus crisis is dominating global headlines and altering our lives. This has changed my Junior year because I have had to rapidly adjust to online learning and socializing remotely. The corona virus has changed how we work, play, and learn.

All schools are closed, which means no softball during my Junior year. Sports Leagues have been canceled. I can’t even watch my favorite sports on T.V because of Covid-19.

My days are completely different now and they consists of Google Classroom assignments, working, hobby seeking, and aimless searching on Netflix for good shows and movies to watch. I try to stay sane while staying home all the time and listening to music. Other times I call my friends while doing school assignments.

Even though we still are doing schoolwork, Junior year just doesn’t feel the same as it did before Spring Break. Doing online school is actually worse to me because I am easily able to procrastinate at home. Plus, I am no longer able to get the one-on-one help my teachers provide normally because I can’t talk with them every day like I used to. Online school seems longer than an actual school day because we are not learning one class at a time. It’s like doing everything at once. It becomes very overwhelming when you don’t normally do homework on the computer.

While it has been challenging to find new ways to stay social, my friends and I stay in contact. Staying in contact was crucial to keeping our sanity. This “corona-cation” has given me a lot of time to reflect on the fun times during Junior year like Homecoming and the football games and basketball games. As a high school Junior, this quarantine has taken away the rest of my junior year experiences like going to prom. The postponements of events does not affect me too much because I know that I still have one more year to experience high school things that I am missing during junior year. The Corona virus has severely impacted myself and my friends’ lives, but we know that soon enough, we will be able to see each other.

Stay Positive and Stay Safe!