My Quarantine Necessities

My Quarantine Necessities

Hannah Simmer, Writer

If you were to look up the definition of necessities you would see the fact of being required or indispensable. In this time though, I’ve changed the definition to the fact of being required to stay sane. I say this because mentally this break has been more of a struggle for me then physically. 

After being with your family for so long, they start to get really annoying, not just leave me alone annoying, but running to lock myself in my room and blasting music annoying. For this reason, I’ve decided seeing a friend at least 2 times a week has become a necessity. Don’t worry though, we still take the precautions. One of us pulls up in front of the other’s house and the other sits on the ground a distance away. It keeps us from killing our families, if I’m honest. When we hang out, we vent out a lot of things that bother us. I understand we could do this all over facetime, but to be able to be face to face makes it feel that maybe we aren’t completely confined. 

From being an every day athlete to a couch potato is terrible. I have been feeling so lazy just sitting around everywhere. That’s why another one of my necessities is to exercise at least once every day. I can either go play basketball in the street, go for a run, and I even mow for a job so that occupies some of the workout days. Plus, it keeps me from gaining a lot of weight.

The last one of my necessities are working at my job. So, I took this opportunity to get a job in this time of crisis because of two reasons, it can help my parents with groceries and I needed money to support my online shopping. I work at the door dash. It’s an app that people can order food on and I’d deliver it to them. It’s all prepaid, so all I do is grab the already made food from the restaurant and set it on people’s doorsteps. Most places are drive-thrus too, so it makes everything from barely any to no contact with people for every order.

No one really knows for sure when the virus will start slowing down. I took this time to rise and keep myself motivated mentally by creating tasks. I feel like everyone should have quarantine necessities for their mental health. It’s been a week since I started mine, and I’m feeling better daily.