An Unfinished Senior Year


Emma Beierlein, Editor

Who knew leaving for spring break was going to be like leaving for summer break. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared to never come back, so I feel like I’m lacking a lot of goodbyes meant for teachers, school friends, and even acquaintances. As a senior, it’s been especially hard to realize we’ll never be back. 

Schoolwork has been a bit of a transition too. As we are all experiencing new ways through the COVID pandemic, working from home has had a major impact. As a student with great attendance and enjoys being in the classroom, E-Learning has not been easy. Also, as a senior, in the last quarter, where we’re able to give ourselves a little bit of freedom, gives me little motivation to finish the school year online. We have a much lighter load than we would in class, so that’s a plus. 

A senior’s last quarter of high school; there’s so much that happens during that time that we’re missing out on. For me, I am pretty involved so the number of events I have to miss is honestly discouraging. The one I am most sad about is my three week German Exchange trip, a dream since I decided to take German as a freshman. It’s sad to watch events go by like, Dance Marathon, Prom, Scholarship Night, and one that I really looked forward to, walking the halls at our elementary schools as a graduate. Seniors have it tough, but so do many others! 

I hope everything works out eventually, and we’ll get back to our normal lives. So COVID, please don’t take away the start of my college career, you’ve done enough damage to all of us.