Mixed Emotions


Alyssa Groothaert, Editor

Change isn’t always easy for some people, but sometimes it can be good. The change in our community with covid-19 going on has brought me so many mixed emotions. I don’t know where to begin with how I’m feeling. At times, I’ve felt happy, sad, mad, scared, worried and much more.

The feeling I have felt most is, by far, worried. I’m constantly worried that people I’m close to and my loved ones, who maybe aren’t strong enough to handle the virus will get it. I’m always calling and checking up on them to see if they need anything from the store, and if they do to let me go out and get it for them, so they aren’t being put at risk by going out to get their essential items. I also worry about what if I got the virus and gave it to someone who isn’t strong enough to fight it off. It makes me stressed out not knowing what could happen and the fact that there isn’t a cure yet.

At first, I was sad that my soccer season was postponed, but then again, I was happy that we had an extra week of spring break. Then I started feeling bored and missing my friends and wanting to go back to school. Over time, I’ve gotten used to staying at home and being around people. It can be hard at times, but it can also be good every once and awhile.

The thing that puts me down most is that the weather has had some beautiful days and the fact that we have the stay in order is devastating because I wish everyone could go out and enjoy the nice weather together, have cookouts, and parties and play games. This pandemic most definitely has given mixed emotions, but I just keep pushing day by day.