Kristen Williams, Writer

Upon the onset of quarantine came a huge shift in routines and everyday schedules for most. For me personally, from going to school, practice, and work to having nothing to do was quite drastic. At first, it was easy for me to keep busy; I was trained to still workout and get up at a reasonable time. Somedays, I would go to my brother’s and play soccer. My mom even got me into learning new things to cook and bake from pinterest. I tried everything to keep me occupied in fear I would get cabin fever. However, as weeks went on, it was repetitive and my attitude towards everything spiraled. 

A month into isolation, I started sleeping in really late and would sit in bed all day. It felt more draining than when I was being productive. It is extremely hard to have self control for a lot of people in our situation right now. In the past few days, I have been hard on myself to get it together due to being really behind on school work. I now set an alarm at 10, make myself something to eat, clean, get myself ready, and try to focus on school work. A nap is also a big part of my day around 4-5 P.M. When my mom gets home from work we eat dinner and talk about my days. Despite not having much to do, managing your time and finding a hobby makes quarantine a whole lot more tolerable. 

I really miss the freedom of being outside or even going to my job that I always complained about. The situation we are in makes us realize the littlest things we took for granted. I was voted worst case of senioritis in my class and honestly, I would do anything to be back in school and have my normal life back. No one prepared me for March 6th to be my last normal day.