You Got A Friend In Me!


JaRaya Carr, Editor

Friends are one way to keep you busy besides schoolwork. Making friends is fun.  They are great listeners. I can really find friends all the time because I’m scared of talking to people, but after journalism, I got to talk to people who end up being my friends. Since we are currently under quarantine, my friends and I can’t meet like we normally would, so we came up with ways to communicate.

All my friends have iPhones, so instead of calling and texting, which we mostly do anyway, we Facetime each other. Some days out the week, preferably on the weekends when we don’t have work, my friend, Abbi and I talk for 8 hours on the phone. We talk about our interest in Kpop music. We mostly like the same artist and we recommend each other songs that we believe that each other will like. I’m a very weird friend, so when we talk, I sometimes dance randomly to the music that is played in my room!! When we talk during Facetime, I like to make our meeting like we are together. When we are watching videos on YouTube, we play at the same time, so we can watch together.

I have been very bored lately, but one day, my friend and I broke the rules!!! My friend, Abbi,  invited me to go with her to the car wash. I agreed with a lot of convincing words to my mom, and we went to the car wash together. After the carwash, we didn’t really want to go back home, so we drove to the gas station, and we drove to the school parking lot and talked about school and how we missed going to school. We dropped her car off and decide we should split… but that didn’t happen, we got in my car and waited in a long line to get Atomic drinks, took a couple of pictures with our drinks. Later, we finally said goodbye.

I missed going out with my friends, but that day was the best day with my friend, Abbi. I hope the quarantine ends soon. I can’t wait for the best senior year ever with my friends and my classmates!!!