Time Wasting 101


Alyssa Groothaert, Editor

The stay in order announced by our state governor has been extremely boring and difficult. I normally go out and do everything. I hate staying in the house. Some activities I have been doing to keep myself busy aren’t the most fun things to be doing, but they will do for now.

The first thing I have been doing is really working on my self care. Over time, I have bought so many different hair products for my curly hair and haven’t used them because I was too worried it wouldn’t be good on my hair or it wouldn’t look right. For every other day, I try to switch up my hair routine and try something else to see how it turns out using different products. However, this was not something I would recommend to anyone. Doing that made my scalp very  dry, and I emphasize very dry. About a week and a half passed, and I told myself I would stop and stick to only one hair product, so I chose the one I thought looked best over the days and ever since, I have been using it. Although I had to go to the store and buy a hair mask to hydrate my dried out hair and scalp, I would say my hair is pretty much back to its normal self. 

Another thing that has kept me most busy is crafting. My mom always makes huge scrapbooks of events such as birthdays, vacations, holidays, and whatever else. Sadly, she hasn’t worked on them since 2010, so we’ve been spending hours upon hours trying to catch up to 2020,  and let me tell you, I didn’t think someone could take so many pictures. So far, we are caught up to 2012- not very far, but we are making progress.

As you can see, my life has been pretty boring and stay inside-ish. Although I do work in Davenport, so hopefully, my job opens up soon, and I can go to work for something to do. I’m praying for the best.