My Necessities

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

During this lockdown, everyone has their own things that they do and the different routines they have. Some of my necessities during this lockdown are having my phone and laptop, so not only can I do school work, but I can also stay in contact with my friends and family, and it also helps when I can watch youtube or Netflix during a time like this because it keeps me busy and I’m bored.

Other things I have are definitely used and needed is of course food. I have this little storage thing in my room where I keep all my snacks put away, so that my sister and the rest of my family can’t get them. That way, if I’m hungry at night, I don’t have to go out into the kitchen and wake everyone up by doing so.

I wouldn’t call this a needed thing, but I have been also getting things off Amazon and such to redo my room because I never really felt the need or want to because I never was here 24/7. I was perfectly fine just having my own space and a bed. But now, since it’s like I never leave, I have put some things up to my liking and switched those things around and made it more of a “me” type of room or feeling. It really helped because it now feels like I have been able to express myself even more than before. 

Those are some of the things that I thought were needed and even fun that I’ve had or been doing during this stressful time. I hope this all comes to and end soon, and we can get back to our somewhat normal lives because I am running out of things to do, which makes me feel as if I’m repeating everything in these reflections.