What are your feelings on the changes to our community because of COVID-19?

Ben Samuelson, Writer

I personally don’t like the changes that were made to our community because now the number of things I can do are limited. Going to hang out with my friends is rare. I haven’t really been able to train with my goalkeeper coach because of quarantine, and all these precautions people are taking would’ve never been done before if COVID-19 hadn’t come around.

I mainly miss hanging out with my friends because we always have a lot of fun. We always have the special type of bond, but with quarantine, we can never bond and be brothers again, only online playing video games.

My goalkeeper coach actually went back home to Manchester, where he is from, to spend time with his family. I’ve been doing what he says a little bit by getting some conditioning in by running 2 miles every morning, and trying to work on my abs as much as possible so I’m ready for any challenges to come going into my senior year.

These precautions are another thing. If we really didn’t want this pandemic to occur, then we should’ve done something about this back in March when we heard about the CoronaVirus and what it can do to people. It’s almost like we’re too late.