Community Life

Community Life

JaRaya Carr, Editor

Sunny days are great since the weather is getting better. You can ride bikes, go on a walk with dogs and family, you can have family and friends over for a BBQ or even have a pool party. Being under quarantine, we can’t do much. We can’t enjoy the nice days out. The people in my community don’t see the virus as something serious when we have nice days. My community has parties and BBQs.

My community change of life has not changed at all. People still come outside and walk around with no mask. Kids go to play at the local park, and people have multiple guests over their homes. It scares me because everyone in my community does it. I feel that my community will be taken out first by the Coronavirus and it will affect everyone around them, and spread to everyone in the community. 

I feel that in my small community does it, but everyone outside my community does it also. At stores, I wear a mask to keep me safe and everyone else safe from the virus, but other people go into stores without a mask. It bothers me because we are not supposed to be out anyway. The community should be more strict about a mask, gloves, and of course, hand sanitizer if we want to have a nice and Corona-free summer. 

I hope nothing serious happens to more people because they decided to not wear a mask and hang out with lots of people when it should not be done. I want everything to be over and we can have a nice summer, we can go out of the house and see the people we love, and we can enjoy the nice days, we can go back to school in August, and continue to live our lives and be Corona-free!!