The lockdown life

Morgan Nesbitt, Editor

Being on lockdown means I have to entertain myself in the best possible way. I’m a busy body and I like to be on the go all the time! I love being out with my friends, shopping, and overall having a fun time. 


 The first necessity to being on lockdown is of course Netflix and Hulu. Of course, I’ve binged so many TV shows and movies, and it’s really unreal. I wake up, get my coffee, and plop on the couch and watch endless TV shows. I’m currently trying to stay healthy and eat good foods and workout a little bit just to make sure I’m staying in shape. 


I also work a lot. I work part time at Country Style and everyone loves ice cream. It’s the one thing shining a light on such a bad situation right now, and who doesn’t love the best soft serve ice cream in town? I work part time as a Resident Assistant at an assisted living facility, as well. I love working there and helping out the elderly during such a hard time. If I can put the smallest smile on someone’s face, my day has been made.


My quarantine consists of the same stuff on different days. Hopefully, things will be back  to normal soon enough.  Needless to say, I’m very excited for things to open up so I can go back to school (college) as soon as possible.