Junior Year

Emily Bush, Editor

The Corona Virus has impacted so many people and so many different things. The biggest thing that it has impacted for me is my junior year of high school. I know it’s not as bad as missing out on my senior year, but it has still had a huge impact on me.


Because of this pandemic, I have missed out on my junior prom, sporting events, the remainder of the Rocky Riveters field trips and meetings, and the rest of the year in my journalism class as a first-year editor.


Although this time is upsetting and we don’t get to be in school learning in person, I would much rather be safe than sorry and work online from home. I feel as though this is much safer and smarter even though it may be tough right now. We just have to wait until everything goes back to normal and we can resume in person schooling. 


I hope that everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing and not going on nonessential trips. We will get through this!