Quarantine Stress!

Quarantine Stress!

JaRaya Carr, Editor

We have been under quarantine for two months now. We are social distancing, and wearing a mask in every store we go to, not just stores, but everywhere.  It’s been sad knowing that stepping outside can be a big risk to you and your loved ones. Having families who work in the medical field, like my mom, scares me. I know my mom is healthy, but anything can happen to her. It makes me worried about her and other families.

Being trapped in the house is okay! But later on, it gets boring and lonely. I have figured out ways to keep busy, meaning homework, which is worse doing at home more than school. I didn’t know how much the world outside of school is so distracting. It is stressful, knowing that I’m struggling and can’t get help from teachers. I know we can email them and have called, but it is not the same as school.

I’m a junior in high school. This year was my year and now it is at home. I was ready for the SAT. Now it stresses me out that we don’t know when we will take it. It worries me. I ask questions to myself. Am I going to take it and pass? Can I get into a good school? Can I graduate? Without school, will I keep my grades high?

With all of this stress, it kills my mood. My mom even notices! My mom gets mad at me if I’m stressed. She will say, “You can’t fix something you can’t control!” or “That stress can kill you!” or “Step away from the problem!” I see where she is coming from, and I think a lot about it, and of course, moms are always right. To step away from my problems, I do something I enjoy, like talking to my mom, play with my dog, and watch YouTube videos on my favorite K-pop idols. Without my mom, this stress will eat me up ALIVE!!