Morgan Freeman, Writer

Social distancing has to be one of the hardest thing for most of us teens, especially when we always hang with each other every day. Social distancing has limited everyone’s time to see and hang with their loved ones. It has probably been 2-3 weeks since most of us has seen our friends and family.

To me, social distancing means I can’t see or spend time with the ones I love the most to keep us as safe as possible. I’ve done as much social distancing with my friends as much as I can, even if that means we hangout with each other 6ft apart. It has been hard to not see my friends every day and not going to school to even be able to see them, but my friends and I Facetime as much as we can to talk and to keep up with each other. 

Social distancing made me realized that I don’t have to see my friends every day, even if I want to stay safe. It has made me care for my loved ones more because I wouldn’t want to risk seeing them and spending time with them outside, than losing them to this virus. I hope everyone is taking this more seriously because I would hate to see someone lose someone they love. I didn’t take it as serious at first until I kept reading and seeing about all these people dying. I just hope this is all over soon, so everyone can go back to their normal life.