Our Virtual Reality


Montana Hogan, Editor


If there’s one thing that we can be grateful for in these gloomy times, it’s the technological advancements that have been made over the past decade. Without our laptops and smartphones, we would have no access to our friends, family, jobs, or the outside world during this quarantine. For many people, including me, technology is a top necessity while social distancing. Our reality has converted into a virtual one.

Being confined to one space is semi-bearable when my friends are just a call away. Although many of us miss human contact, we have the ability to cope with this loss with interaction through our cell phones. Despite the fact that America’s unemployment right has peaked drastically, there is a tiny bit of optimism that comes from working online. If we did not have computers and webcams, the amount of people unemployed would be even higher than it already is. 

There are plenty of downsides to our newfound “virtual reality”, as well. For some, there is no working online, or there are students who don’t have the internet to access their school work. Unfortunately, not everything can be fixed with the click of a mouse, but I believe that technology has allowed our society to work together and make our current situation a little bit better. Those who have access to the internet can stay informed about the coronavirus, and people who have phones are able to stay connected with loved ones. 

 The Internet, phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and any technology is now a necessity in many households across the nation (including my own). Google classroom is not as beneficial as learning at school, but I am thankful that I can still learn. Working online may not be ideal, but having an active job is very important right now. There’s still so many ways technology and our society can grow, but if you have access to technology at home, take advantage of the information online and the services that technology can offer you. Regardless of these times, try to stay grateful for how our world has developed and for the devices you may have access to.