Calm In Crisis

Jusele Irambona, Editor

Currently, the U.S has been hit with a pandemic, which has caused a lot of changes, especially in our communities. A lot of businesses have closed, and some people are no longer working, and children aren’t going to school. These are scary times for a lot of people because we’re unsure of what to do and how long this could last, especially if people aren’t social distancing.

At first, I wasn’t very concerned or worried, but things began to get more serious. Once they found cases in our county, I began taking more precautions and taking this more seriously than I was before. What’s definitely helped me get through this though is having my friends and family.

I live with my mom, my older sister, and my baby sister, and they’ve all played a huge role in keeping me calm during this time. I wasn’t really ever not calm before though. My mom was the most scared and worried when she heard about COVID-19, but my sister and I helped her by informing her more on what’s going on and making sure she’s looking at more reliable sources for her information. The sites can make these things more dramatic and scary than they are, so we made sure she knew all the right facts.

Lastly, I know people who’ve been exposed to the virus or have family friends or my friends family members who’ve been exposed. There isn’t much I can do to help, but I’ve been talking to them and checking up on them to make sure they’re okay and staying safe. It’s definitely scarier when you know people who have it, but I’ve done my best to stay calm and just keep myself safe.