Help during the Corona

Kerrigan Lewis, Writer

I’ve had multiple people help me during this Corona, or at least make my day a little brighter. For instance, I would say my best friend has helped me through most of this because she knows how I think and always knows the right thing to say to make me feel better. We’ve also called each other a few times over this thing, and have talked about what we think about all that’s going on in the world. 


I would also say my family has helped me through this, not as much as my friends considering they are busy, but we have talked about everything that’s going on and their point of views and when they think it’ll end. I’ve helped them too, like my mom. She gets stressed like I do, so I’m always willing to listen to the crazy things that her work is doing to help prevent the spread of the virus. (My mom works at a nursing home, so not only is she trying to stop the people from getting it, she’s also trying not to bring it home to us.)


I, of course, have helped my friends during this pandemic by reassuring them that everything will be okay and only time will tell about this virus, so we can’t really assume things and the danger of what it could bring because we don’t really know. No one does. So it’s better to not assume then come up with these crazy ideas of what we think could happen. Don’t get me wrong, I can have my doubts about this whole thing too, but I always remember that no one has all the answers to our problems. 


Another person (well, in my eyes, at least) who has helped me stay calm during this time, is my dog, Max. I would say he and I have this bond that no one else in my family has with him, so he knows when I’m getting anxious and losing my mind a little, and he always will distract me by letting me play with him and petting him and cuddling while watching movies and videos together. 

So those are some people I’ve helped keep calm during this pandemic and those are some of the people who have helped me during it also.