Seniors Celebrate Prom


Larissa Pothoven, Editor

Senior prom is an event that many of us have been looking forward to for years.  Senior year is when we go all out, buying expensive dresses, and splurging more than we ought.  It’s one of the last big celebrations we spend together before we walk across the stage to graduate.

I get dressed up twice a year: Homecoming and Prom.  I enjoy taking pictures with the signature heart picture Emma and I always take and our annual Oliver! railing photoshoot.  I have fun eating dinner with my friends as we laugh at my little brother’s antics while trying not to smear our lipstick everywhere.  I was especially excited about prom this year.  I was planning on going with Emma Wahlmann (like always), Kayla Lewis (one of my friends who is homeschooled), and DeMario Rankin.

Luckily, I didn’t go prom shopping yet.  I am a bit sad that I won’t have the opportunity to search for a perfect dress (with pockets!), but I do have a dress that one of my friends gave to me that I am planning on wearing the night when Prom was scheduled to happen (May 9th).

Many girls are dressing up and taking pictures of their gorgeous outfits, posting them to social media.  We aren’t allowed to go into elaborate buildings for pictures, but we can still take photos in our backyards.  Some people are setting up “virtual proms” where they hang out over Zoom.  Others are not celebrating prom at all, and that’s okay.

As Emma Wahlmann said, “I am sad that I won’t get to dress up and take pictures with my friends before prom.  I love seeing everyone cleaned up in fancy wear, and this year I won’t have that experience.”  Although she won’t be able to spend the night with her friends, she is still planning on eating a nice dinner and taking individual pictures.

Some people are petitioning to have a prom held later on, but no one knows how long this pandemic will last.  The important thing is that we stay home, if we can, to slow the curve.  And while we are apart, we can appreciate the company of others through technology and social media.