What does “social distancing” mean to you?

Ben Samuelson, Writer

Social Distancing, to me, means I’m not allowed to go out and have fun with my friends. I can’t go out and talk to people without having to worry about catching the Corona Virus.

Yes, we are in a time of crisis, where thousands of people are passing away, or getting very sick. Yes, I have maintained contact with those I care about, but not face to face. I usually play video games with some friends, talk, and have fun with them over a headset. Whether it be Call of Duty Modern Warfare or NBA 2k20, my friends and I always communicate when we play video games because it’s just a part of the game.

I do miss being able to hang out with my friends though. During the school year, every Thursday, we would always either go bowling or get Buffalo Wild Wings, but now we can’t even go chill and hang out with each other like friends do because of social distancing.

Besides my friends, it’s kind of hard not being able to go see my grandparents because with them being of old age, they have a high chance of getting the virus.