Heart Hunters Spreading Around The World


Sarah Stevanovic, Writer

Positivity has been spreading around the world with love and compassion. There has been a Facebook group that had started when the Coronavirus first broke out in the United States, where people started to put hearts up in their windows for little kids to see when they were walking. The group started on March 21 this year. The group has been growing ever since the group had started. I have joined the group, and it is crazy to see all of the talented people share their art with everyone.  

The start of this group was because a mom in Galesburg, Illinois, and she had seen a post from someone who had hearts on the window, and thought it was a good idea to start a group for everyone to join to share thanking people who are essential. She wanted to promote social distancing, while doing an activity with her kids, while we are in a time where we have to be careful with who we are around. The Facebook group has about 830,000 total members, and it is still growing today. On March 31, the group had spread to 54 different countries.

Many people ask how they are supposed to make the hearts, what to use to make the hearts, and if there are any specific ways that they have to be put up on the walls, windows, sidewalk chalk, or garage doors. If you were to go look at the group, there are many different and amazing different ways that people are showing their art for their windows. People have made animals out of hearts. They have made flowers and dandelions, where they make it look like the little pieces are flying off in the wind. Some people have made their hearts and wrote on them, saying thank you to everyone who is essential, which are firefighters, postal service, police officers, and all of the nurses, doctors, EMT, and surgeons who are risking their health to help others during this time. Some people want to be spreading peace around the world in these hard times. Others have posted pictures showing that we are in this together or something about staying strong. Most people just try to do a unique design for everyone to see that they are joining the idea of spreading the awareness of staying home and we can get through this together 

Some people have started writing on the sidewalks because there are now people who will go out for walks, and they would see all of the art that kids would do. Plus, for the kids, it is something to do outside so they don’t feel like they are stuck in the house. Some people also put out quotes for people to read while they are out on a walk or a bike ride. It also seems like people are writing on their driveway for the people who are working for FedEx, and any other postal services. When it had snowed in some state, they would go out and make a heart by making a trail all around. 

Other things that have been posted that are hearts, but not the ones that you would make. They are the ones where you could find anywhere. Those photos have been of nature that might show a heart somewhere in it. Some of the photos have been of rocks that have been in the shape of a heart. There can be flowers, bushes, leaves, and hearts inside of trees that were not carved. There have been hearts inside of a piece of hail. There have been hearts carved in the cement in different ways. People found hearts in the middle of walnuts and it looks really cool. There are even hearts in the sky that people were able to catch a really good photo of. 

In the big cities, there are companies that will light up specific rooms, and when someone would see it from the outside and it would be in the shape of a heart. They have done it in hotels everywhere. In Las Vegas, some of the casinos decided to also start making the hearts on their buildings to spread love. The empire state building has even had a heart. There are hearts on each side of the building. Even in Chicago, there were lights and it showed the skyline and it said, “Stay Home. Save Lives.” This has been shared all over the different news stations. It has definitely became a popular thing to do while being quarantined. If you end up going out for a walk, look around and try to count how many houses you see with hearts up in the windows.